BlackBerry Curve 8520 – Cheapest QWERTY Handset?

BlackBerry Curve 8520 – Cheapest QWERTY Handset?

In fact, this device has made the company richer in many aspects. If on the one hand, it offers a cheap phone, on the other, it gives the user ample of opportunity to enjoy one of the best mobile phones.

If we talk about BlackBerry Curve 8520, we find that it is quite similar in looks when we compare it with the existing BlackBerry models. It includes BlackBerry Curve 8900 as well. However, not similar to most of its siblings, the device does not carry a trackball navigation. Now that is something, which is interesting. What is there in the offing is the optical navigation, which gives a magnificent display.

Working just like a mini touchpad, it gets you in the groove in an instant. Simple and convenient to use, it gives you all the more reasons to smile. In fact, this phone is making BlackBerry mobile phone deals graceful.

The device also gives you durability as it has no moving parts. Well, that is where the phone scores well on every aspect. For long-term use, the device is just perfect. However, one point where this phone do not look impressive is the fact that it has a plastic body. It has been deliberately kept so as to avoid expensiveness associated with it.

Only on that front, this phone is not very well at scoring. So, instead of metal backplate, the phone gives you a plastic body. In fact, that is the only difference, which differentiates it from the rest of the lot.

Well, it does not mean that this BlackBerry mobile phone is not good when it comes to handling. In fact, it is. Its compact design give you all the reasons to carry it with convenience.

In fact, that is what makes this phone all the more significant and worthwhile from user’s point of view.

Above all, there are features that are simply amazing. Its 2.6-inch screen is just awesome, which give you a wide variety of bright colours. Its 320 x 240-pixel resolution may not be that sharp, however it becomes unbeatable considering its price tag.

In all, BlackBerry 8520 Curve is recognized for its bold features at a price to which you cannot no to.

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