History of Prophet Muhammad SAW From Birth To Death

Most of the human race who are Muslims must have known the history of the Prophet Muhammad from childhood to death and even his miracles. The story of the Prophet Muhammad, of course, is not just a story but also a role model so that we can apply it in everyday life. This is of course because there are so many good qualities that the Messenger of Allah has that we can imitate.

The story of the life journey and history of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH that should be known to all Muslims

Prophet Muhammad SAW is Allah’s Apostle who is deeply loved by his people. Because of the love and affection of the people towards him, almost all Muslims commemorate the Prophet’s Maulid as a commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Check out the following review!

The Birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Sejarah nabi muhamad : aswe know that Prophet Muhammad SAW was born in Makkah City on Monday, 12 Early Rabi’ul in the year 571 of the Roman calendar. Rasullullah was born to a mother named Aminah and his father named Abdullah. The year of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is also known as the Year of the Elephant, which is the year when the Elephant army under the leadership of Abrahah Habasyah attacked the Kaaba.

When it was for His greatness, Allah Almighty stopped the action. A swarm of ababil birds came dropping stones to bring about an outbreak of disease. The story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is in Surat Al-Fil which means the Year of the Elephant.

Rasulullah was raised as an orphan because his father had passed away before he was even 3 years old. Abdul Muthalib was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad SAW, he was the one who had raised Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad was breastfed  by a very kind and sincere mother who breastfed her even though the milk that came out was difficult. The kind and noble-hearted mother was named Halimah Sa’diyah. For his sincerity, Halimah was given a reply by Allah Almighty after which Asi came out very heavily.

Childhood of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Sejarah nabi muhamad – Rasulullah SAW was born orphaned and lived in abu Talib’s house. As a child, the Prophet Muhammad was as a child in general. But at that time there was a Quraysh tradition on the eighteenth day that made Aminah have to hide the Prophet Muhammad to the interior.

This Quraysh tradition made the Prophet unable to feel the affection of a mother until she was 8-10 years old. Because of these conditions, Muhammad was under the care of Halimah binti Sa’diyah for 3 years. The Prophet grew up to be a kind, perceptive and intelligent child.

Adolescence of Prophet Muhammad SAW

When he was in adolescence, the Prophet Muhammad was awake from things or deeds that harmed his neighbors. Until one day, the Prophet said that he twice sat down while listening to the wedding party in the Jahiliyah era.

Allah SWT protects the Prophet PBUH from sins and vices. At the wedding, Rasulllah suddenly the Prophet PBUH felt so sleepy that he fell asleep and he didn’t hear anything else until he woke up the next day. That is the beauty of Allah SWT’s way that the Prophet PBUH does not commit sins and vices in the wedding ceremony during the Jahiliyah period. Then the Prophet PBUH said, “After that, I never again intend to follow the bad deeds” (HR Thabrani).

The Story of Prophet Muhammad SAW Towards Adulthood

Towards adulthood, Muhammad became increasingly into the business world. The Prophet Muhammad traded with his best friend, Saib bin Abi Said. When he was 25 years old, the Prophet Muhammad entered into a business partnership with a rich woman named Siti Khadijah.

Prophet Muhammadd’s meeting with Siti Khadijah did start in the business world. Siti Khodijah at that time often financed trade caravans from Mecca to Syria which would later be distributed to her fellow partners.

Marriage of Prophet Muhammad SAW with Siti Khadijah

The large number of trade activities involving Muhammad and Khadijah made the wealthy perempyan even more interested in the Messenger of Allah. Khadijah finally sent a friend named Nafisah binti Umayyad to convey his wish to propose to the Prophet Muhammad.

After nafisah delivered his message, Muhammad then conveyed the matter  to his uncle. One of the uncles who got the happy news  was  Hamzah bin Abdul Muthalib, he was the one who then drove Rosulullah to immediately come to   Khuwailid’s  residence to propose the Khadijah Site. After the meeting, the two of them married where at that time the Prophet Muhammad was 28 years old.

The Story of Prophet Muhammad Getting Revelation From Allah SWT

Sejarah nabi muhamad : Before he became an apostle of Allah, Prophet Muhammad sudah got some very  special gifts  from Allah Almighty. Some of the gifts given are like a face that looks radiant and also clean. This is in fact one of the  proofs of  the greatness of Allah Almighty which indicates that  there will be the  presence of the  last prophet with  a high position until the end of time.

In addition, Prophet Muhammad SAW had a dream when Jibril approached him. The Apostle was alone in the Hiro Cave precisely in the sebal nur. At that time, down came his revelation which he brought from Allah Almighty yakni verses 1-4 of the Qur’an Surat Al-‘Alaq.

The First Dakwah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH

After receiving revelation from Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad SAW finally started proselytizing openly to the closest family, namely the Bani Hashim circle. At that time, only Ali Bin Abu Talib was willing to accept and decided to have faith in Allah Almighty. And at that time, it was Ali Bin Abu Talib who helped protect the Messenger of Allah when preaching.

The proselytizing carried out by the Prophet Muhammad SAW always received opposition by the Quraysh. Not even a few accused Muhammad of being crazy and then throwing dirt on his body. Two of the many people who opposed the Prophet Muhammad were Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab.

The Resistance of the Dakwah of the Quraysh Infidels

Together with the infidels of Quraysh, Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab opposed the proselytizing of the Prophet Muhammad. His two uncles even intimidated his followers into leaving the Messenger of Allah. The infidels of Quraysh were very worried that the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad could damage the religion of the ancestors, namely worshipping idols.

There were so many Quraysh who tried various ways to kill Muhammad. The Quraysh also gave a ransom to Abu Talib to let the Prophet die. Various assassination plans also often occur by involving outsiders so as not to break the civil war.

Good commandments in the time of the Prophet PBUH

Although there are many contradictions when the Messenger of Allah preaches, more and more people follow his teachings. There are many good things that the Prophet Muhammad commanded to his people:

  • Order of Berzakat

Entering the time of the Messenger of Allah, more precisely in the first year in the city of Medina, Muhammad and his companions and the Muhajirins still faced an attempt to survive. This is of course because not all of these people are capable people except Usman bin Affan.

Over time, the condition of the Muhajirins began to prosper in the 2nd year of Hijri and at that time only then the zakat order came out. The Messenger of Allah SAW sent Mu’adz bin Jabal to be Qadil in Yemen and Muhammad also conveyed the importance of zakat to our experts on this subject.

  • The Sacrificial Order

Prophet Muhammad also carried out qurban orders while performing the Wada hajj in Mina. At that time, the Prophet slaughtered 100 camels, of which 63 were slaughtered by himself and the rest were scattered to Ali bin Abi Talib. The slaughter is carried out after performing the Eid al-Adha prayer.

The Story of the Death of Prophet Muhammad SAW

The Messenger of Allah SAW died along with the descent of Allah’s revelation, namely Sura Az-Zumar verse 30 which means “Behold, you will die and they will die as well”. But previously the Messenger of Allah had also begun to get sick in the month of Shafar in the year 11 Hijri.

The Prophet Muhammad experienced headaches and fevers that eventually made his body temperature high. The condition occurs for 2 weeks. In the midst of this illness the Messenger of Allah visited the homes of his wives and when he arrived at Aisyah’s residence, his body was already getting weaker.

Extraordinary Miracles Possessed by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH from Allah SWT

Allah SWT gives extraordinary ability to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This miracle given by Allah SWT to the Messenger further supports the prophetic truth for the Prophets and His Messengers. And here are the extraordinary miracles that the Prophet Muhammad had from Allah SWT:

  • Abundant Milk

The first miracle given was already visible at the birth of the prophet. Halimah, who had a dry thin body, tried to breastfeed Muhammad’s baby and for his greatness the milk flowed freely. In fact, this has never happened to their biological children who feel that they often lack breast milk.

In addition to this, her husband experienced strangeness. Her old female camel suddenly produces very abundant milk. The husband and wife drank it very satisfied and could meet their daily needs.

  • Able to Split the Moon

This miracle occurred when the infidels opposed it to prove the prophethood of Muhammad. Finally the Messenger of Allah showed it by splitting the moon over His greatness. The Quraysh who opposed it were certainly very surprised at what Muhammad could do.

  • Water Flows From The Fingers Of The Hand

In addition to being able to split the moon, the miracle of Muhammad SAW that can be seen is that it can drain water from the fingers of the hand. The story coincides with the day of the treaty or Al Hudaibiyah. At that time, many people felt unusually thirsty. This made them rush to Muhammad SAW right after ablution.

The men then said if they had no water to drink and abide except for just a small pot which would certainly be less if taken by all. The Prophet Muhammad finally put his hand into the container and then water began to come out of his finger. Those people finally didn’t feel thirsty anymore.

  • Isra Miraj

As is known if Isra Miraj is the most important momet in the history of Muslims because the Apostle received the command to perform the 5-time Prayer. Isra Miraj itself comes from two words, namely Isra which means night and Miraj which means stairs. This refers to the story of Muhammad SAW from the earth to the sky to Sidratul Muntaha.

Isra Miraj itself began when Gabriel brought in Buroq as the Prophet’s vehicle which was very fast. The vehicle is a white animal with 2 wings between its legs. The Apostle then ascended it from the Grand Mosque to Baitul Maqdis. The story has many encounters between the Prophet Muhammad and the previous prophet.

There are many interesting lessons in the history of Prophet Muhammad SAW that can be used as tauladan. Not only the Messenger of Allah, there are also many prophets and Apostles who have a very inspiring life journey coupled with various miracles from Allah SWT.