LG F2100 Review – A Review of the LG F2100 Cell Phone

LG F2100 Review – A Review of the LG F2100 Cell Phone

The coolest thing about the LG F2100 is the cell phone’s sleek, slim body line. Measuring only 23.4 millimeters thick, this is a phone that can fit just about anywhere, including into the pocket of the jeans one wears on skinny days. Without an external antenna to snag on anything, it can slip and slide out of a pocket as easily as a purse.

Still, the LG F2100 is more than just a pretty body. It has three dimensional stereo sound with dual speakers. These speakers really deliver the 64 polyphonic sound extraordinarily well, so the phone will be heard loud and clear, even in noisy environments.

As for the display screens, users really can’t ask for anything more. The external display shows 65,000 colors in a TFT LCD screen that provides a clearer and more vivid image than other phones of its class. The internal display is also a TFT LCD screen, but it shows an astonishing 262,000 colors. Most people can’t even name 1/100 of those colors!

The F2100 also features a high resolution VGA camera that has a built in flash. The camera is level CMOS, so even the biggest camera snobs will be satisfied. Brightness of photos can be adjusted up to four degrees, according to the illumination of the subject.

Furthermore, the shutter of the LG F2100 cellular phone has its own dedicated key, so there are no worries about missing the Kodak moment because of a need to scroll through the menu. The flash LED light can also be used as a flashlight in dark areas, which users will find themselves taking advantage of more than they’d expect. Add to these features Java technology, MMS support and infrared data association (IrDA) and you end up with a phone that just about anyone will love.

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