LG Incite – Inciter?

LG Incite – Inciter?

I don’t know if I like this phone. In fact I may even hate it. It’s difficult to use. I tried playing fair. I cut my long nails to see if the onscreen keyboard would be easier to use. It wasn’t. The plastic feels so you can’t get through to the touch keys. I tried portrait, I tried landscape and the XT9 choosing my words incited me to fury on pressing incorrectly. Fortunately I was able to use the phone instead, never attempting text again. Multimedia buttons are also much too small.

I assume they were designed with the possibility of finding life on mars with long ET trailing fingers. I looked for positive points and I found a few: The Voice Recorder, the Organiser and the Built-In Hands-Free. Microsoft Pocket Office was quick once it got going, but switching screens, and you wait forever. What to do? Paint one’s fingernails? Chew off the back off a pen? I was not impressed with trying to navigate my fingers on a screen which refused to respond to my touch. The menus raised minuscule screen selections – too tiny for normal fingers, giving inaccurate responses. My LG Incite camera phone doesn’t excite me at all.

My digital camera does a far better job. To be honest, I struggled to get a reliable shot at all. Calls are fine and my battery life was 48 hours on first try. I gave up on Conference calling – keys are just too tiny and not touch-friendly! Speakerphone? Too soft. GPS ignores one or loses them. What is the point of having all the features of Incite when it’s rendered pretty useless due to unresponsive screen and tiny keys? I am incited, err – excited to grow my nails long again. This mobile is not for me!

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