New Islam Vs Christianity Debate 2022

Discord between Muslims as well as Christians

In the Basmala of Shalato, the word is used to convey a message to God’s messenger God and his slave.

Islam vs Christianity debate : The conversation that scholars engage in with Christians is usually short. Their discussion was brief; however, it did not stop the comments of his adversaries. Due to the deformed idea, it is against logic.

This conversation will help us to develop the correct beliefs.

The first is Hatem’s debate against Mogkois, who was the Christian King of Egypt –

Ibn ‘Abd al-Hakam tells us about how Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace from Allaah be with him) once instructed Hithib ibn Abi Balta’a to send an essential message to Muquqis, the King of Egypt – The King inquired about the current state of conflict in the land of the Prophet (peace and the blessings of Allah be on his name) against his foe.

Hatha responded: “The war that took place between them was victorious. Sometimes the Prophet wins, and sometimes he loses.”

Moskos immediately declared, “A prophet who lost the war?”

In the same way, Hatteeb said, “There is a God who died on the cross?”

Silence is everywhere, and silence has the essence of everything … (Eyes of Debates (Eyes of Debates, page. 185.).

Second The, Judge Baklani Debate with the Roman King

It is told within the work of Fabihudham, his example.

A Roman King wrote an address to the caliphs of the Muslims asking for the appointment of a cleric to meet with Christian priests. The caliph also sent to the court judge Baklani.

The entire group is prepared when they reach the Roman land, and the meeting will occur before the King.

The protocol previously emphasized the principle that anyone who confronts the King must bow to the King. If you disagree and submit, it’s an offense to the King.

Ballina “I don’t want to see the King. I will only submit to God.”

This was handed over to the King of Christians, who wanted to know what it was. Then, they put wood over the kingdom’s entrance so that anyone who entered was required to sleep and could not go by themselves. Anyone who enters the palace must report it to the King.

As judge Baklani began to go in at the door, he sensed something odd about the entrance. He realized this was a royal gimmick for him to bow before the King. He was at home and returned. Hallelujah, it’s what the definition of the religious intelligence of a person appears to be like.

As they entered the palace, they were greeted by numerous priests eager to discuss. Ballina was the one who initiated the discussion.

Ballina “Fathers, priest, how are you? How is the family? How are your children and your wife?”

The King instantly looked at him in amazement,

“Are you the one sent by the Caliph to argue with the priests?” The King asked.

“Yes it is.” Al-Bakilani’s answer.

“Are there any other scientists beside you?” The King should be asked to insult.

“Why her?” Balkan asked him again.

“It is an open mystery, and you should know that these priests are not married. They have no children and no wives. You can ask how your son and wife are doing.” The light of the King.

“Why don’t they get married?” Ballina inquired.

“Because they are holy of children and wives.”

Another date is also available.

“Because marriage is dirty, and they are cleansed of pregnancy and marriage,” the King said.

The Baklani then said to them all:

Get him out of this, and don’t go God away from the boy and the boy!!

Priests are prohibited from having wives and children. However, do you take God away from the presence of wives and children?!

Everybody is silent… (Fabihudham Iqtaddeh P. 469)

Third Islamic debate is a significant issue in Western countries that have Christian priests

The discussion was held between the pastor, who began an online meeting with a user.

Let’s call him Peter and the viewers.

Peter, “Pastor Peter is here. Please ask your question.”

People, who watch, “Do you glorify the emblem of the cross?”

Peter, “Yes, I am. What’s the matter?”

People are watching, “No, I see. There’s always the logo of the cross in your show.”

He asked him to repeat:

“Do you glorify the cross because Jesus died on the cross?”

Peter, “Yes, it’s more or less than that.”

The observer, “This means that if Jesus dies on the electric chair, will you glorify the electric chair? And will you wear a chair necklace for Lyric?”


Fourth, Jesus’s Repentance

This conversation occurred between the pastor, who began an online discussion with a person watching.

Let’s call him Peter and the viewers.

Peter, “Pastor Peter is here; please ask your question.”

People, who watch “Why was Jesus crucified?”

Peter “To atone for the sins of all men?”

The observer asked, “Will Jesus also atone for the sins of the Jews who killed him?”


Then he said, “Yes.”

Then he asked him again:

“Will Jesus also avenge the sins of all Muslims?”

Peter, “Tidak”.


Does there exist any common ground in the Christianity vs. Islam discussion?


There is a line in the Holy Qur’an which is in the letter of Ali Imran (Imran family), Verse 64, which translates to:

“Speak, O God of the Bible, (stick ) on a statement (decree) where there is no dispute between you and us, that we are worshippers of only God and don’t share in Him with anything else and do not (nor does anyone create gods that are different with God). If they refuse God, then say (to the person): “Bear witness that we are the ones who surrender ourselves (to God).”

In brief, I will discuss the significance of this passage based on the interpretation given by Ibn Katzer, namely:

Jews, Christians, and those associated with them,

Let us adhere to the law, which is an unmediated and balanced decision with no difference of opinion concerning Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

This means that we worship God solely. We do not worship God, and we do not have any connection with God and do not associate Him with crosses, statues, or anything else. Other than honoring Him and worshiping Him solely, and without the divinity of other gods like the prophets before.

If they do not accept, deny or deny a decision that was made between Muslims, Jews, and Christians If they do, then Jews or Christians will prove that we put our faith in God as he is approuvé by God, the Lord God. God.

The verse was mentioned when The Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allaah be with the Prophet) addressed Hercules, the Roman Emperor, and asked the emperor to convert to Islam.

God is an emblem.

Of course, there is a chance that the discussion on Islam and Christianity does not agree on the real meaning. Each uses arguments that are based on various scriptures.

One relies on the Bible One uses the Bible, while the other depends on the Qur’an. Questions are answered by the Dalil found in the Bible.

Arguments are introduced with a philosophical flavor to ensure the debate isn’t dull. Sometimes, ideas include opinions from different streams of thought or philosophers’ views to justify their beliefs.

Although there is no consensus discussing religion is nevertheless intriguing. Numerous interesting topics are debated.

The names of people from the past, like Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Esau, Joseph, Moses, Jonah, David, Solomon, Jesus (the Prophet Jesus), and many others, are mentioned within several names in the Bible along with the Qur’an along with the stories about these people are fascinating to learn more about.

I’ve read a few of the Qur’an and the Bible texts and made comparisons and observations.

One of the significant differences between the Bible and the Qur’an, For instance, is the way it connects to the narrative.

Muslim and Christian Religious Dialogue: Reading Two Holy Books at the Same Time

In the Bible, the complete tale of each person can be read as a tale of Noah, the Prophet. Noah. Noah is mentioned in other works but less frequently than in Genesis’s narrative.

Within the Holy Qur’an, Noah’s story is told in various letters. It is said that the Holy Quran contains many letters. There are 114 of them.

Another distinction is the substance of the tale. In the Bible, you will follow the story of Joseph through his childhood and birth before he was sold to Egypt and then employed in the home of Botivar’s wife, who is in love with Joseph and who accompanied Joseph to be imprisoned and later became the second ruler in Egypt. The story is highly detailed.

In the Qur’an, the story is not told according to the Bible.

Muslims and Christians can engage in a dialogue. If there isn’t every time, Muslims can read their personal story from two holy books, The Bible and the Qur’an.

People who are Christians are also able to be able to read this story about the character. The level is acceptable.

It’s certainly a novel that is different. Since the moment of the report’s writing, it’s different. There’s a gap of at minimum 600 years between the period of writing both the Bible and the Qur’an.

The last book of the Bible was written at the close of one century, about 1900 years ago. The belief is that The Holy Quran was written about 1400 years ago. The books of the Bible were written approximately 1500 years ago. The Qur’an was written in just 22 years.


The story’s setting differs. Most of the stories of the Bible are set in Israel. Some take place within Ur, Egypt, and Babylon. However, the context of The Holy Quran is much in the region of Arabia.


Two versions of the tale of the same character could be interesting. There is a tale that isn’t told within the Bible or maybe in the Qur’an. It is a story that isn’t mentioned within the Qur’an and is available in the Bible.

The mind is never static. To use the phrase Justin Garder, author of The Mystic World We can think. The reason can ask questions, mainly when paradoxes or bizarre things are observed.

It does not mean it is difficult to believe or disbelieve irrational beliefs. It does not mean that this is a false opinion or is not valid.

It takes work to agree with an opinion, even if there is a flaw in the view being discussed.

Studying the Bible and the Qur’an is among the comparatively “easy” ways to learn about the doctrines of two different religions.

Don’t be afraid of reading it. The Lord will guide you if God wants you to find the truth.