Nokia 70 Cell Phone Review – In a Nutshell

Nokia 70 Cell Phone Review – In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the Nokia 70 is considered to be a mobile messaging tool. With features such as a full keyboard with a wide, high-resolution color screen, it is easily adapted for business as well as personal use.

Standard features include text & instant messaging via SMS and MMS, utilizing POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP as its email client.

The Nokia 70 is capable of viewing email attachments including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF’s with editing functionality. A 2.0 mega pixel camera is standard for the Nokia 70, allowing for capturing and incorporating images in innovative ways.

GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA and WLAN are incorporated within the Nokia 70 allowing for fast and flexible connectivity options.

Likened to a mobile office, the Nokia 70 acts as an organizer with features such as contacts with images, a calender, to-do list, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. In addition, office applications, via Microsoft synchronization, include document, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities.

Internet connectivity features include the Nokia Browser, JavaScript 1.3 with 1.5 support. A wide variety of car enhancements are available, enabling flexibility while communicating on the road.

In addition, the Nokia 70 is loaded with advanced voice features such as Voice Aid, a dedicated voice key and a loudspeaker. The Voice Aid feature offers audio feedback from the contact list, phone logs, and the voice mailbox. The dedicated voice key provides 1 button voice recording, voice dialing and push to talk. The loudspeaker allows for hands free use and is a practical tool for conference calls.

The Nokia 70 offers up to 64 MB of built-in memory, allowing for the storing of add-on applications, email attachments, photos and MP3 files. The Nokia 70’s high capacity storage offers the ability to swap out one memory card for another without having to remove the battery. With the use of miniSD memory cards, the Nokia 70 has the ability to store 2 GB of data.

In summary, the Nokia 70 is an excellent product with advanced features. If you are in the market for a capable mobile messaging tool, the Nokia 70 is certainly worth your consideration. Good Luck!

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