Review: Nokia 6086 Mobile Phone

Review: Nokia 6086 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 6086 is yet another clam shell offering from the Nokia stable, although in line with recent clam shell offerings the phone offers more than you would imagine on initial viewing. The dimensions of the handset are a compact 92 mm x 46 mm x 23 mm and it weighs in at a light weight 84 grams, making it perfect for easy carriage, and conveniently fits into the smallest of pockets. The battery power supply offers 240 hours GSM and 96 hours UMA standby time, with 5 hours GMS and 6 hours UMA talk time – more than generous in today’s market place.

This is Nokia’s second entry in the fashionable UMA (unlicensed mobile access) market, which allows easy roaming access between all of the standard mobile phone networks, together with a constant WiFi connection in the relevant areas. This type of system is proving ever more popular, although the Nokia 6086 also supports GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 as well as UMA. The mobile uses the powerful EDGE software which is the most up to date in the market place.

The handset itself is currently available in Black and White and offers two LCD displays, one on the outside for call and message alerts without opening the phone, as well as the main larger display within the body of the phone. While the keyboard is a slightly different style to the older Nokia phones, the positioning of the keys and navigation roll key is the same.

The phone itself offers a variety of messaging options from the standard SMS to MMS to the now essential email facility, which is supported by the inbuilt WAP browser. The phone also offers a camera facility, although this is not as up to date as it could be. It does however support Bluetooth data transfer, although Nokia has decided to leave out the more common infra red option – in a move away from the standard. As Bluetooth is now common across most electronic devices, this should not be a major issue.

The Nokia 6086 also has a number of JAVA games pre-installed to help with those long journeys, and offers the now familiar personal organiser common in 99% of today’s mobile phones. With additional memory ports to add extra capacity, the Nokia 6086 has the majority of functionality required, although it is not a top of the range model – more of an entry level new technology phone. Due out in early 2007, further reviews will follow.

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