Why The LG G Pad 7.0 Is Just What You Need

Why The LG G Pad 7.0 Is Just What You Need

HTC has come out with a perfect phone that is by all means made for selfie addicts, or so it is said. The HTC Desire Eye is the latest phone that sports a 13 MP camera with dual LED. This certainly is something that is instantly catching the eye of many users who have been vying for a Smartphone that will help them capture amazing pictures. Selfie addicts who are in a habit of snapping and uploading pictures are amazed by it.

Let us find out how HTC Desire Eye is capable of providing perfect shots for selfies:

The Design

The HTC Desire Eye sports a huge 5.2-inch display that instantly catches the eye. It weighs 154g and measures 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5mm with a unibody of plastic. Comparatively it is bigger than the M8 and Xperia Z3 by Sony but still smaller than iPhone 6 Plus. Anyways, the thing is that you will still appreciate it against the size of other phones.

Another interesting thing that will come to your notice is that of its being waterproof. The rating for this Smartphone is that of IPX7 that means that you can easily snap a picture even while in shower. You can easily use it in rain for snapping perfect rainy romance.

However, if you are wondering about using this phone underwater then at your own risk as there is no sure way of saying that it will help you capture pictures underwater but sure will survive a slam dunk. The battery is covered with steel and the microSD and nanoSIM ports are accessible with tray like structures that are sealed when the device is plugged in. There is physical button for the camera snapper. The best part is that the camera setting can be customized for launching the primary camera.

The stereo speakers are situated at the front of the phone with BoomSound facility that is decent enough.


The specifications for the hardware are as follows:

• Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset

• 2GB of RAM

• 423ppi with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution

• Screen display of 5.2 inch

• 2.3GHz

• Android 4.4 KitKat

• 16GB of internal storage with microSD expandable 128GB

Why is it made for selfie addicts?

It is hard not to imagine what one can do with a pair of 13MP cameras on both the sides of the phone. It is fascinating enough to utilize both the cameras and achieve immaculate picture quality without having to bother switching the mode to front or back. This means that you can do equally well with video capture and snapping pictures with both the cameras without any compromise in quality. Things like autofocus, amazing pictures in dim light, zoom, and attention to details will make it worthwhile snapping pictures of capturing videos.

Features like Split camera, Crop Me will help you capture and create amazing photo effects. Another feature is that of face tracking on Skype. Enhancements that make your camera app experience fantastic include a lot more than that.

Split camera comes handy for capturing simultaneous images using both the cameras. The feature of Crop Me can be used for crating funny picture effects within any picture. It clearly indicates that HTC Desire Eye sporting two 13 MP cameras is worth it all. There might just be more to it than what seems to be, for that one would have to wait for the launch of this product first.


The HTC Desire Eye will cost you around $562.86. With great dual cameras, camera app enhancements and additional apps to facilitate photography it does seem to come up to the standard of a selfie addict.

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